EURO-EXPERT and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Cultural Expertise in Europe: What is it useful for? – EURO-EXPERT, ERC funded Project has been ranked by NewHoRRIzon as being among the five projects which scored highest in Responsible Research and Innovation.

Science, research, and innovation are central to the European strategy for smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth. The European Commission (EC) supports research and innovation that upholds the European values of inclusiveness and democratic politics. It has also formulated Responsible Research and Innovation in terms of six key areas: a) Public Engagement; b) Gender Equality; c) Science Literacy and Science Education; d) Open Access; e) Ethics; f) Governance. EURO-EXPERT scored highest in all of them.

This website highlights the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) aspects of EURO-EXPERT in an accessible, informative, and interactive way for a wider audience. The aim is to inform and interact with a wider audience about the role of cultural experts and to spark broader societal discussion about the benefits and challenges of Cultural Expertise in legal settings and the wider questions it raises, as well as the project’s findings and the experiences of those affected.  

Cultural experts and other stakeholders are warmly invited to contribute by submitting posts for the blog, along with other texts and any material they would like to share.


Cultural Expertise in Europe: What is it useful for? – EURO-EXPERT, ERC funded Project (2016-2021), develops an integrated concept of Cultural Expertise within a new historiographical framework that investigates the development and impact of Cultural Expertise over time and space.


Responsible Research and Innovation is an approach that anticipates and assesses potential implications and societal expectations with regard to research and innovation, with the aim to foster the design of inclusive and sustainable research and RRI innovation.