A new publication online “Forum: Cultural Expertise”, edited by Prof. Livia Holden for the Law and History Review Cambridge

We announce the publication online of the “Forum: Cultural Expertise”, that Prof. Livia Holden has edited for the Law and History Review Cambridge, vol. 38, Feb. 2020.

The forum is an outcome of the workshop titled Cultural Expertise in Ancient and Modern History, convened by EURO-EXPERT, in Oxford in July 2018. It aims to make explicit the interdisciplinary components of Cultural Expertise from a historiographical perspective in order to open up the discussion to the history of law.

Please find a list of contents as below:

Livia Holden, Introduction: Why a History of Cultural Expertise?

Livia Holden, Cultural Expertise and Law: An Historical Overview

James Jaffe, The Indian Panchayat, Access to Knowledge and Criminal Prosecutions in Colonial Bombay, 1827–61

Soudabeh Marin, Cultural Expertise in Iran: From the Pahlavi Dynasty to Contemporary Diasporas

Jérôme Bourgon, Historians at the Court: How Cultural Expertise in Qing Law Contributes to the Invention of Hong Kong “Chinese Customary Law”

Stanisław Burdziej, Judging the Communist Past: Historians and Cultural Expertise in Polish Administrative Courts

Lawrence Rosen, Expert Testimony in the Social Sciences: A Historical Overview of Contemporary Issues

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