EURO-EXPERT has consolidated an interdisciplinary and intersectional network of partners including both academicians and members of the legal and para-legal professions. These partners contribute on several venues created by EURO-EXPERT: conferences and workshops, academic visiting, mailing lists, website and social media. EURO-EXPERT received so far six honorary academic visitors, created a Mailing list, a project Website, and a Twitter account.

EURO-EXPERT has been quite prolific so far by publishing a total of 25 publications and holding or participating to a total of 39 events of dissemination. Publications span from special issues focusing on the use and usefulness of Cultural Expertise and afferent concepts of belonging, to videos disseminating the project, communicating methods and outputs to larger audiences, and fostering collaboration with the legal profession in the countries of the research. Dissemination include a wide range of venues from international conferences to training for the legal profession and interviews, including also social media.