WEBINAIR on Intercultural Approach in Judgement, organised by University of Trento

A webinar Il giudice della protezione internazionale e il sapere antropologico: prove di un approccio interculturale nel giudizio?, organised by University of Trento, will take place on 27 February 2021, 9.30-12.30am (CET).

The webinar is part of Ciclo di dialoghi interdisciplinari sull’interculturalit√†.

Prof. Livia Holden will participate with the paper La Cultural Expertise in Europa: a cosa serve? (Cultural Expertise in Europe, what is it useful for?).

See: https://webmagazine.unitn.it/evento/giurisprudenza/87657/webinar-il-giudice-della-protezione-internazionale-e-il-sapere

The webinair is in Italian.

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